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Provincial Committee, Acting Governor Shi Taifeng inspect new reputation

View: 663112/22/2015  

December 16 afternoon, the Provincial Committee, acting governor Shi Taifeng his entourage to inspect new reputation. Accompanied by piano Bengoa party secretary, vice president, Dan Taifeng visited Bombardier CPC workshop to learn more about the new module and its business reputation rail coverage. Subsequently, Shi Taifeng visited the EMC EMC laboratory, to understand the function and role of the laboratory reputation for technological innovation of the new R & D investment situation. Bengoa piano introduction, since 2013, the group to enter the aviation sector, completed by the "ground" to "sky" of transformation and upgrading, Shi Taifeng hear nodded, affirmed.

     Changzhou Party Secretary Yan Li, Mayor of the high cost of the cloud, Wujin District secretary Zhou Bin, deputy secretary Ling Guangyao and other leaders accompanied the inspection.

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